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The global abortion lobby has undertaken a major attack on life and its defenders. Two committees of the European Parliament met this Thursday, March 25, for this purpose.
This attack will culminate next May with the vote in the European Parliament of a radical pro-abortion resolution and the publication of a report against pro-life organizations. We cannot remain silent to this.


This attack is led primarily by the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), the Gates Foundation and George Soros’ Open Society. It is coordinated by Neil Datta, who, together with IPPF, founded the EPF, the main abortion lobby for European parliamentarians. These organizations have billions of dollars in budget.

In 2013, MP Edite Estrela tried to pass a similar resolution, which carried very serious attacks on the right to life, on freedom of conscience and on parental rights. We succeeded in blocking it and the European Parliament recognized that the issue of abortion falls within the sole competence of the Member States.


The first goal of this new attack is the adoption of the draft resolution of MEP Matič, which presents abortion as a fundamental right and asks the States to abolish the conscience clause. According to this text, the fact that some countries “still have laws prohibiting abortion except in strictly defined circumstances . . . is a violation of human rights and a form of gender-based violence.” European states should also, among other things, “remove” conscientious objection. This text is pure propaganda, has no legal basis and does not fall within the competence of the European Union. It violates the right to life and the principle of subsidiarity.

The second aim of this attack is to exclude conservative organizations from European political life by presenting them as “dangerous for democracy and contrary to the values of the EU”. This goal is being pursued jointly by the IPPF, the Gates Foundation, George Soros’ Open Society and its subsidiary Open Democracy, which are simultaneously “countering opposition” to abortion, tracking down conservative groups and attacking their reputation.

This attack on human life, and the people and organizations that defend it, is massive and violent. The financiers of the radical left, like Gates and Soros, have invested millions of dollars just to fight us. We will have to live with a high degree of violence.


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