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Next Wednesday – June 23, 2021, during the plenary session of the European Parliament in Brussels, MEPs will vote on the Matić report and its motion for a resolution. This report is a veritable Planned Parenthood wishlist. It aims to make abortion a right guaranteed by the European Union, to ban conscientious objection for health professionals opposed to abortion, and to impose mandatory child sex education even upon non-consenting parents.


The ECLJ has been mobilising for several months against this report to draw the attention of Members of the European Parliament and other pro-life organisations across Europe. Thanks to our analytical work and webinar, many associations have used our information and alerted MEPs as well.

Encouraging initiatives have emerged, in particular an alternative motion to the Matić report, reminding the public of the lack of competence of the European Union in matters of health. As in 2013, such an alternative motion could again be adopted to defeat the Matić report.


In Slovakia, the Parliament adopted a Resolution condemning Mr. Matić’s motion for a resolution on the grounds that it exceeds the competence of the European Union. This is a fine signal that these Slovak MPs have sent to their European colleagues.

The vote on the Matić motion for a resolution will begin on Wednesday afternoon, June 23. There is still time to act. We particularly encourage health professionals to write a short email to one or more MEPs to tell them about their convictions and the importance of conscientious objection, and to call on them to reject this pro-abortion motion for a resolution.


According to our information, MEPs from the ECR and I&D groups are expected to vote largely against the proposal. It is the EPP members who are the most timid in the face of the injunctions of abortion promoters. Here are the e-mail addresses of the President and vice-presidents of this group:

Manfred Weber (EPP President),  [email protected]
Arnaud DANJEAN, [email protected]
Esteban GONZÁLEZ PONS, [email protected]
Andrey KOVATCHEV, [email protected]
Vangelis MEIMARAKIS, [email protected]
Jan OLBRYCHT, [email protected]
Paulo RANGEL, [email protected]
Siegfried MUREŞAN, [email protected]


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