By: National Post

Photo: The Canadian Press

In 2017, Jacinda Ardern was elected to office with the largest majority since New Zealand’s electoral reforms in 1996. She was 37, the youngest ever active head of state. Since then, she led her country through a volcano eruption, a mass shooting and a pandemic. She also gave birth to a baby girl. Her quick response to the COVID-19 threat kept New Zealand at one of the lowest global death rates from the virus. As she continued the tough regimen, however, citizens became disgruntled. New Zealand inflation remains at its highest level since 1990. Demonstrating leadership and maturity beyond her years, Ardern is stepping down.

Justin Trudeau was elected in 2015 with a majority, at age 43. Since then, Trudeau and his party have destroyed Canada’s economy to the point, as Diane Francis points out, that we will be dead last in economic growth of OECD countries for the next decade and beyond. Inflation is high. The virus is less lethal, no thanks to Trudeau’s incompetent initial response, but our health-care system is a shambles. It is not 2015. Justin Trudeau is 51. Canada needs a leader. Will Trudeau follow Ardern and resign?


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