By: Grégor Puppinck

Photo: MEP

Video: ECLJ

On 16 February 2022, at the invitation of the Member of the European Parliament Margarita de la Pisa Carrión, the ECLJ organised a conference for an abortion prevention policy in Europe. She summarises the basis of her commitment, the real empathy and reveals the ideology behind the pro-abortion discourse. Below are the videos of the interventions in English. Also, you can listen in particular to the introductory statement of the MEP who sponsored the event.

This will for unlimited abortion is particularly visible at the European Court of Human Rights in relation to Poland. Thousands of victims across Europe usually wait several years for the Court to consider their case. But when it comes to abortion, it takes only a few months and you do not have to be a real victim for the Court to consider your case.

Indeed, in recent months, the European Court of Human Rights has admitted over a dozen of applications against Poland, and more specifically against the decision of the Constitutional Court to ban eugenic abortion. These applications are in fact filed by pro-abortion associations on behalf of women who are, for most of them, not even pregnant. Nonetheless, they complain in abstracto about the anxiety caused by the Court’s decision, should they become pregnant one day and should they discover that their unborn child be disabled.

The abortion agenda is the implementation of a deadly ideology that will never stop on its own, and against which we must fight firmly. While abortion is allowed in most of Europe, this is not enough for them: The French President wants to make it a  European fundamental right. While abortion on demand is legal up to 12 weeks in France, this is not enough for them: the Health Minister wants to make it up to 14 weeks. When unborn children are diagnosed with a disablility, this is not enough for them: every woman should be able to abort up to the day before their birth. And why not just after their birth? This has long been practised in the Netherlands, under the name of the Groningen Protocol, and pro-abortion activists dream of “harmonising” all European legislation on the most pro-abortion country.


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