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  1. Lybia

Libya has a history of conflict and has struggled to end violent conflicts close to a decade after Gaddafi’s ouster. As a result, women have lost gains made in political and women’s rights empowerment.

  1. Mali

Although violence against women is rampant in Mali, the vice is often silenced by religious discourse and social norms. One in two women in Mali aged 15-40 years has suffered sexual or physical violence, with 79% of women considering violence against women normal.

  1. Central African Republic

The CAR has suffered decades of violence, with clashes mainly between the government and the armed non-state group. The conflict has not only disrupted government operations but also affected millions of women in the country.

  1. Republic of Congo

The United Nations has warned that millions of people face hellish living conditions in DRC after years of factional bloodshed and lawlessness. About 4.3 million people have been displaced amid endemic violence, including machete attacks and gang rape.

  1. Iraq

Although the law states that only marriage is for adults aged 18 and above, the same law allows girls aged 15 to be married as long as the judge authorizes the marriage. The family law also discriminates against women concerning child custody, divorce, and inheritance.

  1. South Sudan

South Sudan is Africa’s most dangerous country for women, with the conflict situation exposing the female gender to all forms of evil. The war has displaced millions of South Sudanese, mainly women and children, exposing them to famine and other dangers.

  1. Pakistan

Women in Pakistan face risks from traditional, religious, and cultural practices and domestic abuse and discrimination.Violence against women includes sexual violence and physical abuse, mostly by intimate partners.

  1. Syria

Syria was named as the third most dangerous country for women after seven years of civil war which has decimated services across the country and killed about 510.000 people.

  1. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous countries for women 20 years after the Taliban’s overthrow. The most recent news about the Taliban taking over Kabul is awful to the millions of women in the country.

10. Yemen

As per the Index, Yemen is the dangerous country for women. The Middle Eastern nation is a patriarchal society that subjects women to all forms of discrimination, including negative stereotypes, economic inequality, and discriminatory legal systems.


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